Ronald Günther, singer-songwriter

I am Ronald Günther, born in 1954 and a Dutch singer/songwriter. I started playing the guitar and singing during the '70's. One of my classmates at High school gave me a few chords with the advice: "Buy yourself a guitar and start practicing". And so I did.

I performed at several places, was a regular guest in the folkcafes of the time Folk Fairport and Oedipus in Amsterdam and played with several musicians. Depending on the duration of the performance both my own songs and covers are on the repertoire.

Highschool 1972/1973. Some of my schoolfriends brought their guitars with them during a project week somewhere in the Netherlands. Every evening they played their songs and from that moment I knew what had to be done: playing the guitar. And so it began........ I practiced every day and soon I wrote my first songs. In 1976 I started performing seriously throughout the country. During the '80's and '90's I played in several pop and rockbands as a singer/guitarist. After a reunion concert with one of my bands (2000) I sold all my instruments and stopped performing. In 2003 a new period started in my musical career and in 2007 I had my first performance after a time-out of seven years. In the home studio of Marcel Luntungan I recorded seven original songs (all recorded in one take) and named the CD: "Dylan on my mind", which was released in May 2012. This CD is a small tribute to Bob Dylan. One of the greatest musical poets of his time. Just listen to the title song "With Dylan on my mind" and you will know why.

In november 2014 was the release of the second CD "On our way back home". A symbol for making the right choices, finding the balance in life, holding your loved ones and having a place where you can lay down.

Jacky's Choice with Jacqueline van Lint.

In January 2015 I met Jacqueline van Lint (Uitgeest) at the School of Music Heemskerk. During a musical evening of this School of Music we chose to play the John Legend cover "All of me". The song was arranged into a two-voiced and two guitars version and it went very well. So we decided to start a duo with the name Jacky's Choice. Right now we have a setlist of original songs and covers. Jacqueline has a lot of experience on stage, she sings and plays the piano, guitar, mouthorgan and percussion. In some of our original songs we both play the bass guitar. More info: (Dutch) and